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  • Pregnancy Pain

  • Migraines & Headaches

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  • Back Pain

  • Spinal Check

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Abbey Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is Dublin’s leading chiropractic and natural healthcare centre. When your back hurts, or your body has other issues, you don’t want to leave the healing to chance, see a chiropractor in Dublin. That’s why we have assembled the finest team of professional Dublin chiropractors and healthcare specialist in Ireland; they are all members of their professional organisations, to ensure you only get the best. We are an Irish family run business so from the moment you step in, you’ll be in good hands.

Best of all, everything is done completely naturally.

We can help you with: back pain, neck pain, headaches, and pregnancy related pain and much more…

We survey our patients on an ongoing basis to ensure you will always get the best of service, to ensure maximum satisfaction. We are open until 8pm every evening Monday through to Friday, so we can accommodate your busy schedule.

Our Dublin city centre location (opposite the Rotunda Hospital) makes it easy for you to access the clinic, whether you use public transport or drive yourself.

We cater for pregnant women, newborns and all the way through to the more senior members of society.

So make the right choice and book your appointment.

Do you have any idea about how many problems can come from a misaligned spine?

Less than 10% of your nervous system perceives pain and the really scary thing is that you might have a spine misalignment right now which could be causing all manner of horrible symptoms that you never realised were anything to do with your spine.

The figures are frightening; anything from asthma to Hay Fever, Pins and Needles, Allegies and even sinus or menstrual issues could be caused by nervous degeneration caused by misalignment of your vertebrae. These are some of the reasons to visit a chiropractor in Dublin.

Anything could have caused a misalignment in your spine. It’s not just old people who get it. A ten year old could have been coughing really hard and caused what’s known as a subluxation (sub-lux-ay-shunn) – a misalignment in the spine. When this happens, you get extra pressure build up on the nerves in your back. This may sound like the kind of thing that can cause lower-back ache, and it is, but that’s only part of the story.

Chiropractor in Dublin

Visit a chiropractor in Dublin to Improve you Overall Health

Your spine carries all the messages from your brain to the majority of your body. Any problems with the position of the bones in the back and the discs that space them out could be causing too much pressure on various nerves anywhere from the back of your skull all the way to the tips of your fingers or toes.

The good news is that if you suffer alone, we may be able to help you. Regardless of what your affliction is, contact us to find out if our Chiropractic and Wellness centre can help you. With over 40 years combined experience, our fully qualified practitioners will get to the source of the issue quickly to help you on your way to a full and healthy life.

Contact our office today to book an appointment for a chiropractor in Dublin!

Meet Our Staff

Fully qualified practitioners, with over 40 years combined experience

  • Dr Seamus Kenneally

    Dr Seamus Kenneally Chiropractor

    Dr Seamus Kenneally has helped people with a variety of conditions including: back pain, neck pain, headaches, pregnancy related issues to name but a few.

  • Dr Celine Woodford

    Dr Celine Woodford Chiropractor

    Dr Celine Woodford is trained to deal with a variety of conditions including back pain, neck pain, disc pain, headaches, whiplash, sciatica, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, foot pain and sports injuries.

  • Marek Przekwas

    Marek Przekwas Massage Therapist

    Marek combines knowledge of Classical, Deep Tissue and Ayurvedic massage, as well as Reflexology and Thai Yoga Massage. He uses massage to relieve physical and emotional stress he facilitates flow, ease and comfort within the body, encouraging each client's natural capacity for self-healing.

What our patients say

  • I Used to be a Serial G.P. Visitor

    I Used to be a Serial G.P. VisitorI first came into Abbey Chiropractic because I was suffering from lower back pain. Now I never have any problems with my back. Before coming to the clinic, I used to receive physio but only got short term relief. I would Highly Recommend Abbey Chiro for all of the above!!!

    Barry L,

  • I Suffered From Long Term Sciatica Pain

    I came into the clinic because I was suffering from long term sciatica pain. The amount of pain relief I received was more than expected. I would recommend chiropractic and the clinic to people I know who suffer from the same problems that I had.

    Barry F,

  • I had Lower Back and Shoulder Pain

    I had pain in my lower back pain and had shoulder pain for years, so I decided to make an appointment. The result of the treatment I have gotten so far is that I am now at the point where the pain I was suffering from is not affecting my day to day life. I would always recommend this clinic because of the friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere.

    Laura B,

  • I have no more hip pain

    I received a Free Spinal Check at the wedding fair in the RDS. At the time I was suffering from hip pain and I knew I needed treatment, so I decided to make an appointment. The care I received in the clinic gave me a relexed feeling, and now everything feels like it's in the right place, and I have no more hip pain! One of the unexpected benefits I have gotten from the treatment in the clinic, is I now sleep better at night. I would recommend my friends and family to the clinic for any back problems or for one of their relaxing massages.

    Johanna R,

  • I Felt Relief after the First Visit

    I first came into the clinic for a massage, as I had gotten a massage voucher. I was suffering from back pain, so I decided to have it looked at by the chiropractor. With the treatment I received, I felt relief after the first visit. I was nervous about going to see the chiropractor at first, but the chiropractor explained what he was going at each session, so I felt more confident as time went by. The big surprise for me is that by back ache has now disappeared. I would recommend the clinic to people I know because of the good treatment I received, and the friendly staff.

    Bernie M,